Our Visionary


Rev Gene D O Ojegba is the President / Founder of the “Prophetic Women Intercessors International. Co-founder of True Vine International Ministries (Uk) and True Vine Rehoboth Prophetic International Ministries, (Nig). She studied and obtained a Masters degree in Ministry in the year 2016 at Ramah Bible College –London. Prior to that in 1992, Rev Gene D O Ojegba had attended the Hampstead Bible College (London) where she obtained Diploma in Biblical Studies and was ordained in 1994. 


Under the instruction of the Holy Spirit, she was released from -  Church of Destiny (London) to Pastor a Youth Church in London from 1996 – 2000 before the Lord released her to plant the “True Vine International Ministries with her husband Rev David Ojegba. In the year 2007, after the completion of her professional training (as an educationist) with a qualified teacher status (BA – Ed) UK, and had worked as a Primary school teacher for a while, the LORD assigned Rev Gene Ojegba to birth The Prophetic Women Intercessors International.


The Lord gave her a mandate saying “Go and gather the women of valour across the body of Christ, regardless of their denominations, to take their place on the wall of intercession on a daily basis, praying for their families, communities and nations, before it is too late”.


By the grace of God, Rev Gene Ojegba is a prophetic intercessor, with healing and deliverance accompanying her ministry. She is an experienced international conference speaker; women mentor; a teacher of the word and an author. Rev Gene Ojegba and her husband are blessed with four God fearing daughters and many grandchildren.

About Prophetic Women Intercessors International


Just like Nehemiah, the hand of the Lord God is upon me for the purpose of rebuilding the ruins of the nation of Nigeria through prayers.

Some years back while still in Britain, the Lord gave me the burden to intercede for the nation of Britain – particularly for families and the youths. This was on for about ten years when PWII was birthed. Then God began to speak to me about Nigeria, also the Lord asked me to study further in some areas because of my assignment – Before He finally asked me to start preparing to return to Nigeria as my assignment is in Nigeria (2014). By 2016 I returned to Nigeria on a missionary assignment.


The Lord asked me to do quite a number of things, but the major task is the Women intercessory prayers for Nigeria on a daily basis.

The Lord is asking me to get women across the body of Christ – regardless of their denominations – who will be praying for the nation at least an hour each day.


Hence True Vine Rehoboth Prophetic International Ministries was inaugurated in 2017, under which we have:- 


  • Women of Grace Ministry

  • Women Early Morning Prayer with Rev Gene & lastly

  • The Prophetic Women  Intercessors International 


This is a body of Women praying for our nation on a daily basis. God is ready to pour out His anointing upon His children for the manifestation of His glory all across our nation. He is looking for those who will come with one single agenda – to serve Him faithfully in spirit and in truth, labouring in prayers ceaselessly.


God is calling us women across the body of Christ in Nigeria and in the Diaspora to arise with one single purpose – to pray His glory back into our nation - so that He can heal and restore Nigeria back to her original glory.   God is pointing us to the power of unity in the body of Christ. Genesis 11v6 “……Nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined doing.”   Unity is a formidable force, and its power cannot be overstated.


The Lord says if women across the body of Christ will rise up to this challenge, whatever we ask him to do in Nigeria, in our prayer closets, He would do it for us.  We are God’s spiritual army and battle axe, and we go to battle in His power. Let us arise in the strength of the Lord and in the assurance of His word. 1 John 4v4  - for greater is he that is in us, than he that is in the world.