Confession and repentance for the sins of Nigeria 1 John 1v 8-9; Proverbs 28v13, Daniel 9v20, Ezra 10v11a

*Confess the sins of our ancestors e.g. Witchcraft, Socesory. Idolatry etc*Confess the sins of our past and present leaders. e.g. Selfishness. Looting, Occultism, human sacrifice, etc. *Confess the sins of our spiritual leaders. e.g. Compromising the word of God, Running after money, fame and neglecting the needy and poor.etc. *Confess & repent over the failure of Nigerian women to stand & intercede for our nation on a daily basis. *Confess and repent over lack of unity in the body of Christ. Ask God for mercy.


Pray for both our Spiritual & political leaders. 1Tim 2v1-2; Prov 29 v 2

*Thank God for the few Christians in politics and ask God to release many more Christians into leadership positions in politics. *Ask God to give Nigeria God fearing and righteous political leaders who will make a difference, with the knowledge of the truth they have. * Pray that God will put the desire in their hearts to always do what is right for the nation and according to the counsel of the LORD. * Ask God for divine wisdom for our leaders, and that our leaders will be men after God’s own heart, who will seek out the will of God to do it.*Ask God to overthrow the current govt of Nigeria


Pray for the economy of Nigeria; Isaiah 58 v 12, 2 kings 14 v 22

*Ask God to visit the economy of Nigeria and revive it IJN. *Pray that Nigeria will not experience famine but abundance. *Pray that our nation builders will return from foreign lands where God hid them, to come and rebuild the economic ruins of Nigeria with God. *Pray for the grace to come upon the citizens to work together to rebuild our nation, without any saboteurs * Decree open heaven over our economy. * Prophesy that Nigeria will be self-sufficient & great again INJ.


Prayer against inter - tribal and religious wars Isaiah 55v12; Psalms 29v11; Proverbs 16v7; 1 Peter 3v11

*Pray for God’s peace to over shadow Nigeria. *Pray against all forms of blood - shed on our streets and in the secret. *Pull down every evil altar erected against Nigeria INJ – be it in the second heavens, under the sea or under the earth. *Render powerless – by the blood of Jesus, all the evil spirits residing in the waters of Nigeria causing pains, hardship, bloodshed etc in our nation. *By the power in the name of Jesus, declare as paralysed, every force of darkness behind inter tribal and religious wars in Nigeria. *Declare peace upon Nigeria and everything representing Nigeria both in the spiritual and physical realms.


Prayer for the Youths Psalms 127v3-41; Ezekiel 44v23; Ezra 7v25 ; Isaiah 8v18

*Pray for high degree of integrity amongst our youths *Pray that our children and youths will fear God with all their hearts.*Pray that they shall be able to discern good from evil INJ. *Pray for God to deliver the youths from worldly entanglement and demonic practises, empower, equip and use them. *Pray that the govt of the day, will create room for our youths, to participate in leadership roles, to stir the nation in the right direction * Prophesy that our youths shall be for signs and wonders, all higher institutions shall be revived by the power of God’s word in this land. *Pray for godly

wisdom for them.


Prayer: God to silence the voice of the enemy against the church of God in Nigeria . Lamentation 1v3, 5

*Ask the Lord to unseat everyone who have used their positions of power to oppress the body of Christ *Ask God to arise and deliver our nation from captivity, oppression and affliction. * Ask God to set his church & the generations to come free from servitude INJ. *Ask the Lord to lay an ambush against the enemies of His body worldwide. *Ask God to

confuse their language and disband them and their agenda. *Ask the Lord to quench the rage of the enemy against his church in Nigeria *Glorify the LORD, for the children of Islam shall preach Christ in an unprecedented way in Jesus name.


Prayer against terrible hunger and frustrations in the land. 1 Samuel 2v8, Matt 6v26, Acts 14v17, Phil 4v19

*Pray that God will scatter by his fire & hammer all the agents of darkness working to subject Nigeria to horrific hunger and frustration. *Pray that the sun, moon, stars, wind, fire, waters above & beneath the earth will work against every leader in this nation working contrary to God’s will for Nigeria INJ *Pray for divine intervention of the hosts of heaven in our midst everyday. *Cancel the agenda of the powers of darkness for lack, hunger and frustration in Nigeria, with the blood of Jesus. * Begin to decree revival in the land in the name of Jesus.

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